In Class 1, we build up the skills necessary for students to feel confident, motivated and successful during their time at school. We work closely with parents to assess children’s needs and provide all necessary support. Through a child-centered approach, students are encouraged to develop independence and a sense of responsiblity for their own learning. Our real-world activities and games instill a love for learning and inquiry and help our students become dedicated life-long learners.
We employ an integrated approach to English language education and allow for students of different skill levels to participate in lessons. We build up our oral communication skills through topic-related discussions and presentations. Our classroom provides a literacy-rich environment which motivates and promotes self-directed learning. Writing and reading skills are developed through topic-related projects. Many of our activities involve partner work allowing students to learn to share their ideas, negotiate with friends and cooperate when making decisions.
In Turkish lessons, we follow the Turkish phonics curriculum. Students gradually build up their knowledge of sounds to become confident readers and writers. They develop their fine-motor skills through tracing activities and hand-writing work. During topics lessons, they learn to contribute ideas orally, listen to friends and appreciate different perspectives.
In mathematics, we supplement our curriculum with hands on activities to develop early numeracy skills. We work with concrete objects and real-world problems to give students an appreciation for the role of mathematical thinking in our daily lives. Students are encouraged to use and evaluate different strategies to solve problems. We often work with partners or in groups to explore, experiment, and learn from each other’s ideas when faced with unfamiliar problems.

Serah - German


German is taught to students from Grades 1 to Grade 8, groups who have achieved a certain level of English literacy.

German is taught to small groups and individuals according to their needs.
We offer courses at all achievement levels in each grade.
Children will read a range of information, practice situational conversation and learn about the culture of the German language being taught. | News and Events | Activities - Annual Cale
Building on prior knowledge, the students are challenged and supported to develop their German listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.
Our Primary students learn together in small class sizes, they are given the opportunity to experience varies social activities such as group work, working in pairs as well as benefiting from diverse teaching methods including weekly schedules, rotation work and open learning.

In the higher age and ability groups, when students begin to use German as an academic language, written assignments and grammar become increasingly more important. In this program students of upper grade begin at a more advnced level than the beginners’ level. The aim is to develop their existing German knowledge and to improve their reading, understanding, listening and speaking skills.
Exposing children to languages other than their mother tongue provides insight into and an appreciation of other cultures, as well as an awareness of other perspectives.




In primary, children are given the opportunity to begin learning basic ICT skills. They investigate and learn skills in methodical logical problem solving as well as traditional IT skills with Desktop Publishing etc. The skills learnt in this subject are transferable to many walks of life and other subjects within school.


İlköğretim bölümümüzde, çocuklara temel bigisayar kavramları öğrenmeye başlamaları için fırsatlar verilir.Çocuklar method geliştirici mantıksal probleri çözmeyi  öğrendikleri gibi bunun yanı sıra geleneksel bilgisayar kavramları, masaüstü publisher gibi yeteneklerinide geliştirirler. Okuldaki diğer dersler gibi bu  dersteki  yetenekler çocukların yaşamlarının birçok yerinde uygulayabilecekleri şekide öğretilir.


In art lessons, we encourage students to work carefully, and pay great attention to detail. We learn many different techniques and use a wide range of media and materials. We also work on developing hand-eye coordination and other important skills.
In design and technology, we undertake difficult projects, develop critical thinking and problem solving skills and also work with a wide range of media and materials, including recycled plastic, paper, card and glass.


Görsel sanatlar dersinde öğrenciye güzellik kavramının kazandırılması, algı birikimi, el-göz ve zihin birlikteliğinin sağlanması, bu amaçla çeşitli tekniklerin bilinçli bir rehberlikle uygulatılması amaçlanır.
Kendisinin ve toplumun yarınını daha yaşanabilir hale getirmek için sorunların farkına varan, çözümler üreten, yaratıcı ve hayal gücü gelişmiş, sorgulayan, girişimci, değişim ve gelişime açık, sorumluluk bilinci gelişmiş bireyler yetiştirilmesi amaçlanmıştır.



The most essential skill that we develop in our Primary School Music lessons is the ability to use voices correctly – to sing in tune and with feeling. We also use age-appropriate voice exercises – such as tongue-twisters or lullabies and students should be able to use their voices effectively when saying or singing these. All students are given the opportunity to play different instruments and use percussion instruments to accompany songs and music.


Öğrencilerimiz için müzik derslerinde öncelikle sesini doğru ve etkili kullanabilme, yaşlarına uygun tekerleme, ninni ve şarkıları doğru söylebilme, temel müzik öğelerine giriş, Orff eğitimi ve beden perküsyonu ile ritim  becerisi kazanmalarını hedefleriz.